Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well, we're finally getting some snow this winter!

Our normal annual snowfall is about three feet (one meter). So far this year, we have had less than a foot (30 cm). But this week should bring us much closer to average.

The forecasters started saying a week ago that there was a major storm system moving in from the Pacific. They said it would almost certainly bring us some precipitation. As the week went on, one local forecaster said that one of the models indicated we would get almost 2 ft of snow. He also said that model is notorious for overestimating precipitation. Still, it looked likely that we would get some snow.

Well, the first "wave" got here about 7:00 this morning. They say we can expect up to five inches from it. Then this evening, the "big one" gets here, with up to a foot additional. And it should keep snowing on and off for the next four days.

This could be fun!