Sunday, April 09, 2006


My, my! How fun flies when you're doing time. (Or something like that.) It's been a while since my last post. One reason is, I've been hooked by Civ3, again. I decided to play some of the Conquests scenarios.

First up was the Ancient Age of Wonders. I choose to be a random Civ, and I got ... Mycene. Way over on the left side of the map, in what we now call Greece, with everybody else over in Trukey and the Middle East. Makes it kind of hard to meet, and trade. But on the other hand, it left me with a lot of room for early expansion. I quickly found the Straits of Bosperus, and planted a sentinal there, to prevent anybody from paying me a visit before I was ready, and I started pushing out Settlers to claim as much land as feasible. Meanwhile, I sent exploring parties out through Aisa Minor, down through Lebanon, and thence towards Egypt.

As I started filling the Balkan peninsula with my towns, I was also building my military, and even began a few Wonders. Of course, everyone else was less than happy with me, because I wouldn't let them across the Straits into Europe, while my troops kept blundering into their territory. Of course, I alsop kep researching new technologies, and trading with everybody, so I kept getting all their gold, which only let me research faster, which meant they paid me more gold for what I knew/discovered. It was a vicious circle. Finally, they had had enough, and banded together to bring me down, and put me in my place. SIlly fools.

Did they really think I had been sitting on my duff, enjoying Bacchanalias, while my soldiers wasted away? Nay. I had been upgrading my troops, giving them new weapons, and teaching them new tactics. And when the time came, I led them into battle, myself. In short order, I owned half of Asia Minor, and was marching through Syria, when my opponents sued for peace. Being a benevolent ruler, I granted their wish.

Two turns later, I completed the final Wonder of the Ancient WOrld, and the game ended. I had built five WOnders, Persia had built one, and Egypt had built one. Needless to say, I had won a mhuge victory.

Next up: the Rise of Rome!